About us

The founding members of Lawyers for Europe have come to the conclusion that, in view of recent political developments in various European countries, it is time to stop being part of the “silent majority”, which supports the European idea but leaves the loud expression to its opponents and critics. As lawyers, we feel a particular responsibility to defend the European idea, to make its legal basis understandable and to keep it alive. We strive for cooperation with other organisations with similar objectives and support projects that promote the coexistence of peoples in a free and democratic Europe.

How to get involved

We invite all lawyers to join our initiative and get in touch with others sharing the same beliefs and vividly discuss the future of Europe. We are pleased about the active cooperation of our members and are grateful for every constructive suggestion. As an outward sign of our initiative, we have developed a logo that our members can use to document their support for Europe and their solidarity with our association.

„Nevertheless, Europe’s biggest problem isn’t that it has so many opponents. Rather, its biggest problem is that so few of its supporters are willing to state their allegiance openly and to act accordingly.“
Johannes Teyssen